Professional Toothbrushing… Get Yourself A CariPro

Can your current toothbrush give you 40,000 vibrations a minute?  This alone was shocking and exciting to me about the incredible CariPro electric toothbrush from Smile Brilliant, and I couldn’t wait to brush my teeth with it.  The professional like clean you will get from this toothbrush is unreal and I hope that you will check it out!  It will not only make your mouth happy and healthy, it will make you incredibly efficient with your oral care right at home.

Last year I worked with Smile Brilliant sharing their customized teeth whitening and absolutely stand by all of their products!  What I love about the CariPro is most definitely the design.  It has a very lightweight feel and a very chic grey color for a his or her toothbrush! Although, you will have to charge your toothbrush with the provided charging dock, when it is fully charged it has a 30 day battery life!  This toothbrush is also completely safe to use in the shower if you are tooth brusher in the shower kind of person!  You can feel safe as it is completely waterproof.

I’m about to tell you though the most important feature of this toothbrush that really keeps me in check with my dental care…

This toothbrush lets you know when it is time to change to a different quadrant of your mouth.  I love this.  I always wondered if I brushed my teeth too fast or not enough and the toothbrush will slightly stop vibrating to let you know its time to move on to another part of your mouth.  Most electric toothbrushes also only have one setting and its usually very intense all the time.  The CariPro has 5 different brush modes, therefore it is suited for anyone.  This girl has been in the dentist chair quite a bit and a couple of years ago, I actually had to have a gum graph on the lower front part of my mouth.  To make a very long story short, I have to be careful about brushing too hard where I had that gum surgery.  When I saw that the CariPro has a setting for sensitive and even for gum care, I knew that this toothbrush would be my new favorite.

If you love red wine and coffee like me, you will be happy to know that this toothbrush even has a whitening setting! This setting is the best as it really polishes and removes all sorts of food and drink stains on your teeth.  Its also important to change out your brush heads when they start to loose their shape.  With this CariPro you will get an additional brush head for it and can purchase brush heads when you need more.  They are very affordable too, for 2 replacement brush heads it is a total of $13.  The brush head also has a silicone tongue scraper on the other side of the brush!

All 5 Settings Include: Clean. White. Massage. Gum Care. Sensitive.

Life is so busy and it is so important to take the time to really take care of your teeth.  The CariPro will help you make sure that when you are brushing your teeth that you are getting the cleanest and safest brush possible.  If you haven’t switched to an electric toothbrush, this one would be a fantastic choice!  I have a giveaway below to win one for yourself or if giveaways aren’t your thing and you want one right away use the discount code below to get 20% off your CariPro!

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