Why I Blog

As an optician by day I love helping people with their eyewear needs.

 On a deeper level, I want to inspire and motivate women to go after what they want, to feel beautiful in their own skin, to own who they are and be proud of themselves. I started this blog as a creative outlet and hope to inspire others to do the same! Take your setbacks and negativity and turn it into solid gold confidence.  You do have a voice always. 

Thru this blog, I want others to be exposed to what I am simply and honestly loving.  Whether it be sharing my favorite eyewear, beauty, makeup, skincare, fashion, lifestyle finds, quotes and books, I hope to inspire and influence positivity and unique style within you.  These are things that make me happy everyday. 

Happiness is magnetic, for those who are exposed to it, they will become attracted to it, and will ultimately share their individual happiness with the world. 

-This is why I blog.

“you do you” xo Beaut Optician