Detox after the Holidays

For as much fun the Holidays can bring, they can also bring on quite a bit of stress.  All the planning, the baking, the buying, the cooking, the entertaining and the list goes on! It’s easy to forget about number 1, you.

Having some ways to keep you stress free are extremely important not only for your mental health but for your overall well being. Here are a couple of my favorite ways to keep stress free!

Reading with Wine or Tea.
Honestly, there is nothing better to relieve stress for me than to read something that I want to read.  It helps get your mind focused on something else which is extremely powerful, as our minds can sometimes be our worst enemies. Turn the phone away from you and the TV off and cozy up with your favorite book and cup of tea or wine or whatever beverage seems to bring you the most zen feeling. I have absolutely loved Rupi Kaur’s poetry books lately.  Poetry and stress just go in the same sentence.

Dry Brushing.
My skin in the winter is terribly dry.  Dry Brushing has so many other benefits its unbelievable. Doing the simple act of massaging your skin with the dry brush gets the dead skin off as well circulates your blood flow as well.  It helps to fight cellulite and promote healthy glowing skin.  It will no doubt just feel great and relax you as well.  You will definitely want to shower after you dry brush to get rid of any excess dry skin lying around.  Be careful not to dry brush too hard on your chest area if at all. The skin there is more sensitive. I love using Grace & Stella’s Luxurious Full Body Exfoliation Brush.

Find this life changing brush on Amazon Prime or on their website.

Good Sleep with an Eye Mask.
I love using a cooling eye mask. The slight bit of gentle pressure that the eye mask puts over the eyes helps to keep my eyes closed and feel unstrained.  My mind tends to wander right before I fall asleep and this mask helps me to just breath and think about how nice it feels to have it on!  The cooling beads help with puffiness and tired eyes. So you can wake refreshed!

This Earth Therapeutics Gel Bead Sleep Mask can be found at Ulta or Target. I keep mine in the refrigerator and use it every night.



Take your Vitamins.
Winter time is prime time to catch a cold and get ill.  I love the OLLY vitamins. First off, they are tasty gummy vitamins.  I recently found one that is for Stress! It has Gaba, L-Theanine, and Lemon Balm. All of these ingredients work together to boost your alpha brain waves to help with relaxation and combat stress. The lemon balm is soothing and will help quiet the mind.  I pair it with a women’s multi vitamin every morning.

OLLY Vitamins are sold at Target!



Dr. Teal’s Pink Himalayn Salt Bath.
Last but not least. Taking a salt bath is perfection for relieving stress.  Salt baths date back to Hippocrates (460-370 BC).  They were used back then to heal the injured hands of the fishermen. Still today, pure epsom salt combined with pink himalayn salt will pull toxins out to release aches and muscle pains and will help to replenish and recharge you. The Dr. Teal’s bag pictured smells absolutely heavenly! Just like a spa in your bathroom. Pour 2 cups of this into your warm bath and kick back and soak for 20 minutes.  Make sure you drink a tall glass of water right after and you will feel completely new.

You can find Dr. Teal’s at Target or any grocery store!



I hope that you will enjoy trying some of these. The biggest tip I can give you is to slow down, and when you feel yourself getting stressed, breathe. Literally, just take deep breaths and focus on that. Remember, stress is NOT a beautiful thing and can make us sick. Its important to be healthy on the inside so we can radiate on the outside.

Happy New Year Beauts! May 2018 be a year of new beginnings.