New Year. New Plans.

The power of writing something down is incredible. You are constantly reminded of your goals, to do’s, wants, needs, and bills. Well maybe it’s not so fun to be reminded about bills, but for me keeping organized helps immensely!

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”




Over the years I’ve had all sorts of planners, but my absolute favorite is by Erin Condren.  She a #bossbabe who created her own company as a stay at home mom with little money.  She is truly inspiring!  That little spiral bound book that I carry with me for 365 days out of the year holds more than just days of the week for me, it holds plans for my passion.

 “Don’t call it a dream. Call it a plan.”

You can customize your cover, which as you can see I did! I have big plans to move the Beaut Optician Blog forward this year, so I figured why not make that my cover

“Be You, Do You, For You.”

I went with the Deluxe Monthly Planner. I like to have my whole month at a glance on one page. This helps me to plan my blogs, photoshoots, bills and of course my full time job as an optician schedule!

There is the option to get the Life Planner, which gives you the weekly spread with more room to write in what you need to do each day. Totally perfect for the planner fanatic!

I love that there is positive influence everywhere in the planner with motivating quotes mixed throughout.

The pocket in the back is perfect for coupons, and any other loose papers you would want to put in there.

There is also a sheet of stickers. I like to add them to highlight important days of the week. This planner also has plenty of notebook paper which is perfect for me as I am always writing ideas for blogs, photoshoots and posts.

These planners also include a dry eraser covers front and back where you can easily erase.  I used it for grocery lists then wiped it away once I got what I needed.

I highly suggest this planner. You get $10 off your first purchase so give it a go!
Happy Planning Beauts! May 2018 be your best year yet.