Accessorizing with Glasses

Do you feel like a bit much when you try to pair certain accessories with your glasses? 

I feel this way and really had to play around with what worked for me so I didn’t feel like a Christmas tree all decked out with ornaments on it. Don’t get me wrong, I love to accessorize, but for my personal style there is a line when too much is just too much.

Here is some style inspiration that should help you feel like you can wear jewelry with your glasses and not feel overdone.

If you are going to go for it, go for it! This really just means if you have a bold statement frame on then keep going with a statement earring. It is best in this case to either go big or go home. I also love pairing colors that go well with the colors in your glasses. In my Anne et Valentin “D-Fine” frame it has my favorite seafoam blue color so I use jewlery with those similar hues to compliment it.

 Nickel and Suede Emerald Suede Earrings and Miass Mala Bracelet from Mala Prayer Beads.

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As you can see again, I paired like colors. Rose gold frames (KREWE MSY in rose gold) with rose gold earrings from Nickel and Suede. Also, will look great when you need to switch to your sunglasses outside.

Side Thought: Nickel and Suede has become one of my favorite earring lines that was introduced to me by a dear friend and fellow style blogger @stylebyjamielea. (Check her out!) They are all handmade, nickel free, and incredibly lightweight. There is nothing that turns me off more from an earring that is heavy and made with nickel.  Their earrings are just beautiful and comfortable. They also feature an earring of the month that is discounted which is always a fun surprise on what that will be!

If you have a dressy occasion I love going for golds, I am definitely more of a golden girl.  The Mykita Decades Drew frame paired with these more elaborate JCrew statement pieces pull nicely together. The glasses are more minimal so the jewelry can  be more of the feature if you so choose it to be.

Of course, there are many days where I want my frames to be the center of attention. In that case I always will opt for a simple pendant necklace. How could I not with Kate Spade’s Gorski Glasses Pendant. Perfect for all you eyewear lovers! Frames are the “Brambor” by Theo Eyewear.

Don’t be afraid to play around, as there are no concrete rules in styling. It is all about feeling good when you walk out that door in the morning and expressing yourself.