What Does It Mean To Be A “Girl Boss”

You have probably heard the phrase “Girl Boss.” It is a popular graphic on t-shirts and is world wide movement!  It is a girl who takes control of her life and goes after what she wants.  A girl who says yes instead of no to new challenges and takes on those challenges with her whole heart and open mind.  A girl boss doesn’t back down from what she believes in and what she believes is right.  A girl boss works hard every day to get to where she wants to be.  A girl boss loves herself and owns her style fearlessly!  A girl boss doesn’t sweat the small stuff and brushes off the haters.  A girl boss looks at fear, regrets, and failure with a smile and moves on despite of it all.  We all have that girl boss inside of us and I encourage you to let her out daily!

I really got to thinking all of this when I got this cute graphic tee that I wanted to pair with a trendy plaid blazer. I wanted to make sure that I fit the bill for a “girl boss” if I was wearing a shirt that stated just that.  A girl boss doesn’t need to make a six figure salary.  Being a girl boss does not simply mean you may run your own business or make a ton of money.  Lets be real, I know some fantastic mama’s out there that do not work a normal job, yet keep the house and the kids happy and healthy, guess what, you are a girl boss too.  Cheers to all the true girl bosses out there! Keep strong and keep being you.

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A girl boss finds her other inspiring girl bosses and looks at what they have done for extra inspiration and motivation to pull full steam ahead in her own life.  Find those women or men that you really look up to and that make you literally say “wow” I want to be like them.  Or, whatever they are doing, they do it well and I want to take note of that and translate that into my life.

Coco Chanel has always been an inspiring women and true girl boss.  This Chanel book is a gorgeous accessory for your coffee table or office and also has the most beautiful photographs and history of the Chanel brand. Shop it below today on Amazon!

A girl boss is who you want to be with whatever you do or wherever you want to go.  A girl boss goes after what she wants and doesn’t stop till she gets it.