Your Very Own Hair Wizard. Formulate Has Launched!

How many times have we wandered the drug store aisles, reading the back of a shampoo + conditioner bottle trying to find “the right one.”  After many dollars spent, and wasted, we all have struggled to find the right products for our hair.  Everyone’s hair is different and shampoo + conditioner should not be a “one size fits all.”

I am thrilled to have partnered up with Formulate! This new company is changing how hair care is purchased and consumed.  What if you could input all of your hair hopes and desires and have a completely customized shampoo + conditioner set based on your personal hair goals?  Well you can! Formulate uses the top of the line cosmetic chemists and engineers to create hair products that are exactly in line with your needs.  I cannot wait till my shipment comes in!  I want to offer you all a giveaway to have this opportunity to receive the hair care products your locks deserve for FREE!

Enter the Giveaway Here!

Giveaway ends on July 24th. One winner will be chosen to win their very own personalized Shampoo + Conditioner, specifically engineered for their unique hair needs!

A little bit more about Formulate.Co

Ingredients: Fear Not! All customized formulas do not contain and sulfates, parabens, and are never tested on animals.  Always cruelty free.

Guarantee: If you are not happy with your customized products, they want your feedback to adjust it and correct it for you.

Scents: Not to worry if you are sensitive to scents or have allergies.  Fragrance in cosmetic products can be a main source of an allergic response.  Luckily, Formulate has 2 aromatic oils you can choose from.  If this is you, I recommend the “Burgeon” or “Freshly Squeezed” scents.

Reduce Waste: What I love about this company is that they are committed to reducing the waste of so many hair products that have been unsuccessful for you.  If you’re like me, your cabinet may be overflowing with products that you have purchased and then really didn’t love but for some reason they linger in your bathroom.

I hope that this post has intrigued you to take a look at this new company and what they are trying to offer you, the consumer. For more information, this video breaks down this new way of hair care.

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Happy Hair Days Beauts! xoxo