Gift A Unique Wood Watch This Valentine’s Day

Who doesn’t love a personalized gift? JORD wood watches are handcrafted and the perfect Valentines Day gift for men or women. As you know, I have such an appreciation for craftsmanship and the artistry that goes into the creation of glasses as an optician, which is why these watches really speak to me!

All JORD watches are made of raw materials and support a modern and polished lifestyle.

They are customizable with engraving and sizing and feel light and elegant on the wrist. Of course I had to get “You Do You” engraved as this is my motto I live by! When you wear a watch all day so close to you it is a nice reminder to have that saying or quote attached to it.

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Having tiny wrists is always a pain with watches. I always have to have links taken out and I am definitely not skilled at that. With JORD I was able to simply measure my wrists and send them the measurement before my watch arrived. I was blown away at how secure and perfect the fit was right out of the box! Completely came ready to wear.




When my Frankie Series watch arrived I was amazed by the gorgeous packaging. It’s all about presentation when you give gift. The luxurious wood box and burlap pillow the watch comes on puts it all together beautifully.

Shop the Frankie in Zebrawood & Navy!




I absolutely love the navy colored watch face paired with the zebrawood on the Frankie watch. Zebrawood has such a beautiful textured dimensional look. It has a simple casual everyday feel. I love the color combination of the navy watch face.

Blue really does go with everything and anything and the silver accents really make it pop even more so.




Styling with the watch has never been easier. It really does go with anything. I loved pairing it with some earthy tones to compliment the bit of rustic elegance the watch has along with some pops of colorful pink florals which really suit the navy watch face.

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JORD is a beautiful watch line and they have impeccable customer service. There is a one year warranty on the watches and if you need repairs even after a year you can send it in for a small repair fee. This really is a testament that they believe in their product and want their customers to be able to enjoy their watch for life.

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