Tinted Eyewear At New York Fashion Week

Eyewear from New York Fashion Week does not disappoint! The 70’s style eyewear was in full force. Tinted glasses were very much part of the street style as well as the runway.  Shades of blue/green, lavender, yellow shooter style tint, and bright orange red were definitely the most prominent on the runway. Solid tint and gradient tint were at play and I’m loving every bit of it!

Not only is tint a serious fashion statement, it can definitely be functional for you visually.


My favorite is the rose tint. I love looking thru rose tinted glasses. It instantly makes me feel calmer, cool and collected. Stark white objects appear softer, especially that computer screen!

Tint is not new either, it dates back to the 1700’s where people thought that color in
your lenses could even correct your vision or help cure certain diseases.

The fact that you can still see your eyes and expressions thru gorgeous color is so chic and truly bad ass to me!



For lack of better words, tint is making a comeback!


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