Makeup For a Glasses Girl

If you are a glasses wearing girl and have struggled to make your beauty pop thru
your frames here are some of my favorite tips.  These makeup tips work well if you are wearing a a big bold frame, a frame with color, a simple minimalistic frame, or no frame at all! 

Conceal the Under Eye Area.

Important not to skip this step! Glasses can actually cast a shadow under your eyes, especially if you are wearing a bold dark frame. I suggest getting a concealer 1 to 2 shades lighter than your foundation so you can really brighten up the under eye area. Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape goes a long way. Dab 3 little dots right under your lower lid and blend out with a beauty blender sponge.

Keep Lids Lit.

Keep the lids light and bright. I like to focus the lighter eye shadow either in the middle of the lid or towards the inner corner. Keep the darker shadows on the outer corner and outer crease.  This will actually give the illusion your eyes are bigger than they are.




Fresh Face Forward.

With a bold frame like the MOSCOT “Lemtosh” think more about the face and making it look fresh!

You already have the boldness of the glasses so you can be more minimal with your eye makeup. Sometimes the darkness of a bold thick frame can hide all your hardwork you just did on your eyes. I love to do a more nude natural lip. Mac “Cream Cup” lipstick is perfect. Let your frames here be the focal point!





Wing Your Liner. Practice Makes Perfect!
With a lightweight minimalistic frame you can really go as much as you want with your makeup. I love wearing some fake lashes and even a smoky eye with my Mykita Decades Drew frames. They are so simple and elegant that I really have fun playing with my eyes. Get that wing going if you dare! I’ll admit some days are not good wing days. Practice makes perfect and take your time!






Color Coordinate
If you love a colored frame, coordinate it with your makeup.  Red Frame Red Lips.
This is the l.a.Eyeworks “Birdy” Frame paired with Mac “Russian Red” Lipstick

For real thou, everyone needs a red frame in their wardrobe!




Contour and Highlight.
With all my glasses no matter the color color, thickness, or even if they are simple, I never neglect the face. Get that highlight going! Sometimes glasses can hide the cheekbones so when you contour the face and highlight the top of your cheek bone it will make everything look higher and lifted and who would be opposed to that?  You can never glow enough!  Anastasia’s Glow Kits are my personal favorite and you can get more than one color to play around with. The pigmentation is unreal! I’m using the Nicole Guerriero Kit from Anastasia Beverly Hills. Highlighting is my favorite step in my makeup routine!



Set the Makeup.
To keep that look you worked so hard on flawless all day, I’ve found that setting your makeup with a loose translucent powder and a setting spray helps makeup stay on your face and not make its way onto your frame.  Absolutely in love Becca’s Soft Light Blurring Setting Powder and Mac Prep + Prime Fix to set the face and keep it glowing all day long.