A Beautiful Escape To The Dixon

There is something so humbling and peaceful when walking thru an art gallery.  I’m always impressed with the amount of time that had to be put into a piece.  I always wonder what was the artist thinking or going thru in their life at that time of creating their art.  How fantastic is it that we can look at a piece and create in our minds the backstory behind what we see? The Dixon Art Gallery and Gardens is a beautiful escape into art, history, nature, and culture.  I visited the Dixon in Memphis, TN for the first time on a Thursday evening after work and throughly enjoyed every bit of it.

You will enjoy portraits of people so life like that you have to wonder, was that gorgeous dress and gigantic luxurious fan what they were really wearing and holding? Or, is this a visual romantic representation of their character thru the artist’s eyes?  There is so much depth and discovery at a gallery.  The paintings at the Dixon were absolutely beautiful with incredible detail.  The whole space felt so high class.  That classic saying of, “I would love to jump into that painting and just go there” was very true for me as I walked thru the current exhibit “The Real Beauty” The Artistic World of Eugenia Errazuriz.  I won’t spoil the whole exhibit for you, you will have to experience it for yourself.  This exhibit ends April 8, 2018. It is absolutely breathtaking.

The Dixon organizes about 8 to 10 exhibits every year, so there is always something new to see!

I’ve always loved French impressionist style paintings and especially was so excited that they had some works of Edward Degas.  As a past ballerina, I just love his work.  He would capture the grace, elegance and hard work the everyday life of a dancer calls for.

Not only does the Dixon have gorgeous works of art indoors you can also make this place a day out event for Spring!  Walking thru the gardens at the Dixon made me feel like I was no longer in Memphis.  I was transported to a Park in London England with acres of natural beauty.  One of my favorites were the field of tulips. They are featuring “Dixon Blooms” for Spring 2018 this year.  You will see an incredible “125,000 bulbs of tulips, hyacinth, crocus, daffodils, and galanthus.”  Never have I seen such vibrant rows upon rows of flowers.  Seeing this made me feel like Spring is truly here!  The gardens are huge with so much to explore.  I can’t wait to return with my camera and take hundreds of photos.

Of course, my sweet tooth had to enjoy a cake pop at the cafe before I left the Dixon.  They partner with CFY Catering @cfycatering and have everything from baked goods, elegant lunch specials, and coffees.  It is such a bright and happy cafe, and the cake pops are delicious!

If you need a weekend activity, the Dixon Gallery and Gardens in Memphis is perfect for the whole family to enjoy, including children.  This post just highlights a bit of what they have to offer. Check out their website here and be sure to keep up with them on Instagram for upcoming events and exhibits. @dixonmemphis #discoverthedixon