Ultimate Sunglass Wardrobe

Being an Optician has some pretty sweet perks. One is of course getting to share my love and obsession for beautiful eyewear with the public.   I also truly enjoy helping people everyday find their own personal style with their eyewear, and of course fitting them with the most appropriate lenses for their prescription.

The other perk is getting to own some incredible glasses…and more than one.  #glassesaddict #sunglassaddict

I always had a bit of an obsession with a sunglasses. Even if I was getting them at Target, it didn’t matter!  Sunglasses can make a person feel like a legit star! Like you can conquer the world and be just absolutely unstoppable!


Your eyewear should give you a feeling of confidence.
That feeling you should take with you everywhere you go.


Here are my top picks for the Ultimate Sunglass Wardrobe!




Something Glamorous, Classic, Full Coverage.

For me the Jacque Marie Mage “Fascination” Frame in Quartz is spot on just that. It makes me feel like a Hollywood Starlet.  You can’t go wrong with just an overall big bold and beautiful sunglass as a first addition to your collection.







Something Light and Bright.

The SALT “Lorna” in Oyster Grey is perfect. Having a white or a pastel colored sunglass is surprisingly gorgeous in the winter and in the summer. This frame is extremely classic and can also transition well to a sporty effortless feel.





Something Trendy and Current.

Krewe’s St. Louis screams on trend right now. The missing bridge and with the bar mount connecting the lenses has a very current trend look.  Also, countless celebrities are rocking this frame Gigi Hadid and Allesandra Ambrosio. Who wouldn’t want to be trendy like those gorgeous gals?!







Something Unique and High Fashion.

This can also be a bizarre or almost weird looking frame. The weirder the better! Express yourself and push the boundaries of fashion for yourself.  The Mykita Kendall felt so high fashion to me with the odd shape and flat frame front.  I could totally see this at New York Fashion Week on the runway.






Something Sporty and Casual.

This pair, and I can’t believe I’m saying this can be your beat around pair. For outdoor activity, gardening, hiking, golf, or sipping wine on the porch, thats a sport right? For me the classic RayBan Aviator with the green mirror was my pick. It is lightweight, comfortable and just feels relaxed.





Lastly, sunglasses are important in all seasons! Protect your eyes always and they will love you back.