Makeup Organization

Sharing a bathroom with my husband calls for some major makeup organization and consolidation.  It isn’t fair to him to have all of the goods spread out over the sink counter!  I also go insane if I don’t feel like I know where my makeup or (lady tools) are when I need them.  When you pay $30 for that compact highlight you want to know where it is at all times.

Through some trial and error, I have finally found my favorite ways that work with my lifestyle to arrange and organize my everyday makeup.  I have some “back stock” if you will of unique colors of shadows and lashes that I keep under the sink tucked away in containers for special occasions too, or just Tuesday. 🙂  Check it out below!



I found acrylic organizers at HomeGoods one day and was hooked by the fact that they looked chic and you could see thru them as well which I love. They make all sorts of sizes and uses for lipsticks, makeup brushes, the works!  You can also find these at T.J. Maxx and Marshalls for a very affordable price. They have them almost everywhere online as well like the Container Store and Amazon.



One of my favorite ways to organize my
palettes is to use a desk envelope/paper organizer.  If you get a metal one you can bend it a bit so you can stack your palettes upright.  This saves on counter space a bit as well.  I use toothbrush holders for my makeup brushes.  You can find some really cute ones really anywhere that show off your personal style in your bathroom.



Happy Organizing Beauts!